Jury and assessment criteria


The Bear Sculpting Championship 10th–11th of August 2023 / Power Bear

The jury will select three best sculptures created in the two-day Bear Sculpting Championship competition based on the assessment criteria.

The chairman of the Championship Competition’s jury is Pertti Iivanainen, Rural Director from the Rural Services of North Karelia.
Members of the jury are Chief Curator Heta Kaisto from Rauma Art Museum, Photographic Artist Sanni Seppo, Chainsaw Artist Markku Tuominen and Eira Varis, Regional Development Director in Regional Council of North Karelia.

Secretaries of the jury are Raija Kallioinen and Riitta Ryynänen from The Association for Rural Culture and Education (Maaseudun Sivistysliitto).

Assessment criteria

  • Artistic expression
  • Use of material, understanding of timber’s properties and technical execution (durability, splitting, utilizing the shape of the timber in visual implementation)
  • Expression of competition’s theme Power Bear in the work.
  • Novel and untraditional use of solutions and subjects in an eloquent manner

The jury will determine the placing throughout discussion. Scoring will be used as help of the judgement. The jury also has the right to grant honorary awards.

The jury will select representatives from its ranks who will in the awards ceremony share the jury’s opinion of the sculptures, the competition and present the reasoning behind the final rankings of the award-winning works of art.


The jury will award three prizes:

  • 1st prize 1.000 euros
  • 2nd prize 500 euros
  • 3rd prize 300 euros 

The audience will also vote their favourite during August. At the end of the August the sculpting with the most votes wins 700 euros.

The jury may also award recognition prizes worth of 400 euros. 

The Speed Bear Sculpting Competition

Speed Sculpting Competition will be held on 12th of August 2022. The theme of the competition is same as on the Bear Sculpting Championship, Power Bear.  

The three best sculptures in the speed competition will be determined by an audience vote. The voting will take place after the sculpting time is over. Prizes: 1st prize: EUR 700, 2nd prize: EUR 400, 3rd prize: EUR 300

The local bank, OP Vaara-Karjala, will also award their Speed Sculpting competition favorite with a prize of 200 euros.