Villa Mehu by Elis Sinistö

Southern Finland, Whenever, ITE environment

Villa Mehu in Kirkkonummi is an architectural ITE environment built by the freethinker and philosopher Elis Sinistö in the Veklahti forest. It is a village of huts that nature is taking over slowly but surely. The mysterious environment is about living on the margins of society and an alternative way of life in which recycling plays a role.

The environment is not maintained or repaired, so the public visit the site at their own risk.

Read the artist’s bio on our website.

Images: Raija Kallioinen/MSL

ADDRESS Veklahdentie 250, Kirkkonummi (approx. 60 km from Helsinki). You can get there via a path that diverges from Veklahdentie. The car can be left in the parking area at the beginning of Jatatie. There is also an bus stop nearby. Walk along Veklahdentie from Jatatie about 150 meters in the direction of Kirkkonummi. The path deviates from the road to the right at the slope. The distance along the path is about 300 meters. 
OPEN You can visit the site. Visitors are recommended to contact the owners of the place Jens and Maija Gellin in advance, tel. +358 50 500 500 000. 050 560 1961.
MORE INFORMATION Introduction to Villa Mehu and how to plan your visit on the website