Virtual travel: Villa Mehu by Elis Sinistö

Southern Finland, Virtually, Whenever, ITE environment

Villa Mehu in Kirkkonummi was an architectural ITE environment built by the freethinker and philosopher Elis Sinistö in the Veklahti forest. It was a village of huts that nature eventually took over slowly but surely. The mysterious environment was about living on the margins of society and an alternative way of life in which recycling plays a role.

Even thou we are not able to visit the actual remains of Villa Mehu anymore, virtual reconstruction Elis Sinistön Taivaat offers a possibility to travel to Villa Mehu and experience Elis Sinistö´s impact and life, also the philosophy and art beoynd. Read also more about Elis Sinistö and virtual experience on our website.

Images: Raija Kallioinen/MSL