Sirkka Turkki

Porvoo (1946)

Sirkka Turkki has attended an art school in her youth, but seems to have retained her wild ITE skills and creativity. She has trained physiotherapists as her life’s work and, in addition, traveled to crisis areas of the world doing aid work. She has managed to do anything in her life, and as a narrator of her adventures she is without equal. The stories range from the fates of girls in a Nepalese shelter to the horrors of genocide in Rwanda and Burundi.

Sirkka Turkki has a small house in Sillvik, Porvoo, in the yard and rooms of which she has built her own art world. Wherever you turn your eyes, you can see the work of the artist’s hand. Creativity has no limits.

There is a large art park in the yard, the walls of the garage are lined with photos from world trips, paintings and small sculptures illustrating the yard building. The windows of the porch are populated by a huge number of clay children bathing and reading, on the kitchen wall hangs the whole village’s little people from the puppet theater, but the living room alone is worth seeing.

Text and images: Veli Granö

Sirkka Turkki’s Rose Castle is open for visitors during summer time, but the visits must be agreed in advance.

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