Kimara art trail in Tuusula

Southern Finland, As agreed separately, During opening hours, Atelier

Kimara is an art trail and fairytale garden created by mosaic artist Leena Nio in Tuusula, Jokela. Nio’s garden can be visited from June to August, by prior arrangement. Nio also has a mosaic studio, where you can learn about making mosaics all year round by making a separate arrangement.

On the paths of the fairytale garden, there are colorful mosaic statues and paintings by Leena Nio that create a good breeze. There are also figures carved out of wood by Esko Nio, and Terttu Nio’s crocheting and weaving works. The novelty is the “recycled flower field”, with flowers made from rain-resistant plates and decorated with different materials. The art environment also includes the Atelier House, the outer walls of which are decorated with paintings. Kimara’s exhibition summer also includes visiting artists.

The areas of the garden have fairy-tale names like Rustling of Wings, Zooland, Bunnyland, Cat Corner, Art Alley, Sports Wall, Bearland, Kingdom of Peacocks and Hen House.

It is easy to keep safe distances on the approximately 500-meter-long art trail. For people with reduced mobility, there are resting places where you can sit.

Photos: Raija Kallioinen / Association for Rural Culture and Education MSL
Video: Design Spot Oy / Pertti Riikonen (2023)

LOCATION Tiensuuntie 112, 05400 Jokela
OPEN Art trail can be visited in June-August by appointment with the artist (Leena Nio, tel. +358 45 355 7705). The mosaic studio is open all year round, visits must be arranged with the artist.
MORE INFORMATION Follow Kimara’s fb page and the home page of the mosaic studio.

Leena Nio kesällä 2020 mosaiikkiateljeessaan.