HakoApaja, Aikhikylä

Eastern Finland, Savonia, During opening hours, Home museum, ITE environment

Esa Heiskanen’s life’s work has been to lift sunken logs from the depths of the neighbouring Lake Hietajärvi. The logs are hundreds or even thousands of years old, and Heiskanen has used them to create the unique HakoApaja’s Aikhikylä in the beautiful Savonian landscape of Porokylä, Rantasalmi. The complex consists of a massive main building, exhibition buildings, several smaller cottages and the installation Savotanraitti, a reminder of a bygone world of lumberjacks.

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Video on the MSL’s YouTube channel.

Images: Raija Kallioinen / ITE art surveys, ITE in South Savonia (2016-2018), MSL

ADDRESS Hakoapajantie 50, 58900 Rantasalmi
OPEN In July daily from 12 noon until 6 pm (check for any changes brought about by the Covid situation), at other times open to groups by appointment, tel. +358 400 939970. Entrance fee.
MORE INFORMATION Hakoapaja’s website