Edvin’s Path

Ostrobothnia, Western Finland, Virtually, Whenever, Art park, Art route, Public sculpture group

See works by ITE artist Edvin Hevonkoski along the hiking trail in the park. There are about 150 works of art in the area, and they are made of wood, scrap metal and recycled materials. The first works were completed in 1983.

There is also a wartime history village, which includes several buildings, such as a troop shelter, a trench and a smoke sauna.

Edvin’s Path is maintained by a heritage society of volunteers, Edvininpolun perinneseura.

There is also a playground and a barbecue in the park.

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Images: Raija Kallioinen.
ITE art surveys, ITE in Ostrobothnia (2004-2006), MSL

ADDRESS Asevelikylä, Vaasa
SCULPTURES ON THE MAP https://kartta.vaasa.fi/edvininpolku/
MORE INFORMATION Edvininpolku’s Facebook page