Timo Heiskanen

Sonkajärvi (1971)

For Timo Heiskanen, a nurse and entrepreneur from Sonkajärvi, art-making is a way to take a break from work. Heiskanen has had a need to do things with his hands since he was a child, but after achieving a nursing degree in the 2000s, he started making art in earnest.  

Heiskanen not only creates works himself but he also teaches raku classes at the Sonkajärvi adult education centre. He uses a wide variety of materials in his art. In addition to his raku works, he has made beautiful dreamlike paintings, prints, concrete works and various mixed media works, in which he has combined glass and iron wire in an inventive way.   

Heiskanen has also studied gardening, something that is obvious in his magnificent and beautifully manicured garden, which is a worthy environment for his works. As you walk around the garden, you can spot beautiful plants as well as lovely, imaginative figures, gnomes and black birds, which are hiding amidst the vegetation.  

Heiskanen finds his inspiration in nature. He feels that his art is not about conveying any messages as such, but that his works often have a certain meaning as part of his environment. He has evolved during his artistic journey so that he can continue to work in his distinctive style, even if his creations are part of interior design or works of commercial art.  

Text and photos: Mari Kekäläinen Translation: Kirsti Nurmela-Knox

ITE Art surveys / Northern Savonia 2020–2022