Villa Vanamo

Southern Finland, As agreed separately, During opening hours, Art garden, ITE environment

Villa Vanamo Art Garden

Between the forests and fields of Siuntio lies Villa Vanamo Garden, a wooded art park. The deep green of trees, mosses, sparrows and lichen-like rocks surround ITE-artist Sani’s home and are filled with magnificent, large concrete, ceramics and wood sculptures. Animals such as lizards, penguins, deer and, on the other hand, human figures, ideas of care and nurturing are visible in Sani’s works that exude feminine energy, soft values and nature.

The park is open from March to October from 12 to 18.

Upon separate arrangement, it is also possible to visit the artist’s home and see the works and paintings there for an entrance fee in small groups. Villa Vanamo also offers small art workshops for groups. Inquire and agree in advance by email, at least one week before your planned visit!

ADDRESS  Karhusuonkuja 20, Siuntio
OPEN Maaliskuusta lokakuuhun kello 12 – 18 tai sopimuksen mukaan.