The Master Bark Weaver’s Cottage by Erkki Pekkarinen

Häme, Southern Finland, As agreed separately, Atelier

The bark works of Erkki Pekkarinen, who lives in Vesivehmaa in Asikkala, combine an ancient technique with outstanding creativity and artistic expression. Pekkarinen is a masterful weaver of bark, who has focused on testing the limits and possibilities of traditional bark technique.

Pekkarinen has turned samples of his skills into a collection, which is housed at his home and called the Master Bark Weaver’s Cottage. Almost 500 bark works are on display at the museum, among them birch bark shoes of record dimensions and a container with a capacity of more than 1.5 cubic metres.

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An interview with the artist on our YouTube channel.

Images: Juho Haavisto / ITE art surveys, ITE in Häme (2019-2022), MSL

ADDRESS Anttonintie 8, Asikkala
OPEN By appointment with the artist. Tours for groups can be arranged with the help of Asikkala guides.
MORE INFORMATION Watch the video of the visit to the Master Bark Weaver’s Cottage in 2017.