Paradise by Ensio Tuppurainen (Jätkän Onnela)

Eastern Finland, Whenever, Art park, ITE environment

Ensio Tuppurainen created an environment for his works in his garden in the village of Kääpälä in Valkeala. The site features large-scale paintings, sculptures and signs with fiercely polemical texts that do not hide his attitude to the EU, politicians and other important people. The painted shop itself is worth seeing. Tuppurainen’s Paradise is also known as the House of Paintings.

The site is open 24/7 and is now run by the local village association together with Tuppurainen’s estate.

Read the artist’s bio on our website.

Images: Veli Granö / ITE art surveys, ITE in South-East, MSL (2011-2014)

ADDRESS Vekarantie 952, Kääpälä, Valkeala (Kouvola)
MORE INFORMATION Homepage, Tuppurainen’s Paradise on retkipaikka,fi.