Kyösti Iitti’s Angel Park

Finland Proper, Southern Finland, Western Finland, As agreed separately, ITE environment

Kyösti Iitti has dug a pond in the wilderness of Kaitoonmäki in Pöytyä. There is a park of metal sculptures on its shores, where you can find angels, animals, human figures and interpretations of historical events. A peculiarity of the 1960s architecture, a Futuro house, stands at the edge of the forest. Only a small number of Futuro houses were built: it looks like a UFO on its legs. Visitors can climb the ladder to get inside the ‘spaceship’.

Watch the video of Kyösti Iitti’s Angel Park.

Images: Raija Kallioinen (2020).
ITE art surveys, ITE Finland Proper (2002-2004), MSL

ADDRESS Kaitoomäentie 200, 21870 Pöytyä
OPEN The artist regards the site as an open tourist attraction, but visits must be arranged in advance, tel. +358 40 510 8437.
MORE INFORMATION The Angel Park website, the Middle of Nowhere website (in Finnish)

Photo, Jean-Noël Montagne (copyleft)