Knut Sundberg’s art trail

Southern Finland, Whenever, Art trail

The delicate and skillful sculptures made by Knut “Knutte” Sundberg (1940–2004) from wrecked wood and rhizomes can be found by the dozen in the nature of the small village of Täktom in Hanko, in the dreamlike beauty of the sandy beach. Very high quality sculptures can be admired at the end of a private road by bike or on foot, the car should be left on the side of the road at the request of the residents. Knut Sundberg’s art trail is also part of Hanko’s tourist route.

Photos: Heini Heikkilä. Video: Filemo Films, Veli Granö / ITE Art Surveys by the Association for Rural Culture and education (ITE Uusimaa 2022–2024).

ADDRESS Långörintie 110, Hanko, Finland
OPEN The sculptures are largely free to find and view in nature and on the walls of boathouses on the beach. You are not allowed to go to private plots.
MORE INFORMATION Cykla till havet – Visithanko (only in Swedish)