Kaijansaari Art Chapel

Eastern Finland, Savonia, Whenever, ITE environment

A round chapel with a domed roof, the Art Chapel, built by Pentti Koistinen by his own hands, stands on the island of Kaijansaari in Lapinlahti. The unique chapel is an interesting place in acoustic terms, it is a spiritual retreat as well as a showroom of works of art made of wood. You can visit the chapel either on your own or ask the artist to guide you around by arranging a visit in advance.

Images: Jari Ruotsalainen / ITE art surveys, ITE in Northern Savo (2021-2022), MSL

ADDRESS Kaijansaarentie 170, 71910 Lapinlahti
OPEN The doors are always open. Guided tours Pentti Koistinen, tel. +358 40 5946 589.