Galleria Sylvi

South-East, Southern Finland, During opening hours, Home museum, ITE environment, Summer exhibition

Sylvi Hauhia’s (b. 1928) clay and concrete sculptures in the village of Hauhia, Miehikkälä.

The courtyard of the Hauhia mill and the garden of the house next door are decorated with about a hundred statues, and there are also numerous statuettes in the gallery. The subjects include farm and forest animals, people dear to the artist, birds, athletes, pop singers and fairy-tale figures.

Entry to the gallery is free of charge (voluntary donation). Visitors are asked to respect the privacy of the residents, exercise special caution on the road and take into account other road users and only park in designated spaces. Maintenance work is also being carried out in the area.

Images: Kimmo Heikkilä / ITE art surveys, ITE in South-East, (2011–2014) MSL

ADDRESS Hauhiantie 340, 49700 Miehikkälä
OPEN The gallery is open in summer at times announced separately. The sculptures near the mill and along the road can be viewed at any time. The sculptures in the courtyard of the residential building can be seen when the residents are at home.
MORE INFORMATION The Miehikkälä municipality website and the Hauhia mill Facebook page