Esa Pajulahti’s Promised Land

Häme, Southern Finland, As agreed separately, Whenever, ITE environment

One of the great discoveries of the ITE art survey in Häme was Esa Pajulahti’s art environment, the Promised Land, an entire village of skilfully executed constructions commenting on the ways of the world. The productive master of the house, a retired carpenter, has also built a fantastically beautiful forest church on top of a hill.

The environment is not only an art park but also a private leisure venue for its host. Large groups in particular should book their visit in advance.

Read the artist’s bio on our website.

Images: Juho Haavisto / ITE art surveys, ITE in Häme (2019-2022), MSL

ADDRESS Romontie 25, Padasjoki
OPEN No opening hours, guests should contact the host