Erkki Pekkarinen’s Bark Giant

Häme, Southern Finland, Whenever, Public sculpture group

Asikkala-based ITE artist Erkki Pekkarinen is a master of scale and has made both the smallest (3.7 millimetres) birch bark shoes in the world and the largest (2.7 metres).

What is perhaps his largest work, a gigantic five-metre bark man, stands in front of Hotel Tallukka in Vääksy, keeping an eye on the traffic on Highway 24. The bark man’s ‘little brother’ is located at the reception in the hotel lobby.

Read the artist’s bio on our website.

An interview with the artist on our YouTube channel.

Images: Juho Haavisto, Raija Kallioinen, ITE art surveys, ITE art in Häme (2019-2022), MSL

ADDRESS Tallukantie 1, Vääksy
MORE INFORMATION See Hotel Tallukka’s website for information about the artist and his bark giant

Photo: Juho Haavisto, MSL
Photo: Raija Kallioinen, MSL