Enni Id’s artist home

Häme, Southern Finland, As agreed separately, During opening hours, Home museum, ITE environment

Enni Id’s (1904-1992) home, ornately painted from floor to ceiling, is a Gesamtkunstwerk and a magnificent gem of ITE art in the village of Kellosalmi in Padasjoki, some 60 kilometres north of Lahti. The story of the artist, who is known for her colourful paintings and unorthodox lifestyle, lives on in the small red cottage and its mysterious garden.

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Images: Juho Haavisto / ITE art surveys, ITE in Häme (2010-2022), MSL and Veli Granö.

ADDRESS Kellosalmentie 579, Padasjoki
OPEN In summer, Sundays from 12 noon until 3 pm; see exceptional opening hours on the website
ENTRANCE FEE There’s a small entrance fee
MORE INFORMATION Enni Idin taiteilijakoti Facebook

Photo, Juho Haavisto
Photo, Juho Haavisto

Photo, Veli Granö