Burl Paradise

Satakunta, Southern Finland, Western Finland, During opening hours

The Burl Paradise in Huittinen describes natural history with the help of Mauno Suonpää’s burl collection. Suonpää keeps his ‘zoo of humans and animals’ collected from nearby forests and logging sites in a storage hall. There are more extraordinary burl figures in the house where he used to live and in the barn, which now also has a café for the occasional coachload of tourists. There are already more than 4,500 burl objects in Suonpää’s collection.

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Images: Veli Granö / ITE art surveys, ITE in Satakunta (2019-2021), MSL

ADDRESS Suonpääntie 43, Huittinen OPEN Daily in July from 12 noon until 6 pm; other times by appointment. MORE INFORMATION artist’s homepage http://www.pahkaparatiisi.fi/