Petteri Seppä

Sonkajärvi (1963)

Petteri Seppä, an artist from Sonkajärvi, is also known as musician Henry Spirit. In addition to producing music, Seppä, a builder by trade, has a passion for turning music into images. His works often depict various instruments, especially guitars, using collage and mixed media, and his materials include construction waste and other recycled materials.  

Seppä, who comes from a family of builders, is a trained artisan in woodworking, which can be seen in his insightful and skilful handling of various materials and the careful finishing of his works. He says that although he produces his works relatively quickly, the whole process from design to finish can take a long time. He constantly works on ideas and thoughts.  

Seppä mainly collects the materials for the works himself. He uses traditional wood as well as all kinds of interesting parts, pieces, strips and boards that have been discarded by someone else. “If there is a lot of a particular material, it’s always an opportunity to create something new,” says Seppä. The works are made of a wide range of materials that he has used in inventive ways: in addition to various wooden materials, there are parts cut from old tin boxes, trays, cans, boards, leftover paints, felt, vinyl floor covering, samples, stickers, ball bearings, metal parts and parts for musical instruments.  

Petteri Seppä’s aesthetic expression is well thought-out and clear, leaving room for the viewer’s thoughts and ideas, which is his aim. The longer you look at his works, the more levels you can find in them. Seppä’s works sound the same as his acoustic guitar: wonderful and unique.  

Seppä says that he finds art-making liberating. Even if he primarily makes art for himself, he thinks it is always nice to hear other people’s reactions to his works. Petteri Seppä’s works have featured in solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions. 

Text and photos: Mari Kekäläinen Translation: Kirsti Nurmela-Knox

ITE Art surveys / Northern Savonia 2020–2022