World Championship of Boletus Picking 2019

World Championship of Boletus Picking 2019

For the 12. time in a row we will compete world championship title of boletus picking in Heinävaara.

Event date 24th August, 2019

Location/registration: Heinävaaran koulu, Isäntäläntie 82110 HEINÄVAARA

Registration: 8am-9am

Start time to forest 9.15am

Race time about 2 hours

Weighing approx 12.30pm

Victory ceremony 13.00pm

The program includes dancing and singing performances, Esko Ilonen is playing and singing, coffee and sausage stalls, various action opportunities among other things. Welcome!

Registration fees:

Is it  possible register now?

Yes! Read this!

Individuals: 20e (one person)

Teams: 50e (three persons)

Families: 10e (more than one)

To: Tattikarnevaali ry

Account number: FI23 5047 0720 0254 06


Message: Type participant or team name

Registration and payment possible also on the event day 8am-9am.

After weighting the competitors are entitled to a free lunch.