Bear Festival

Programme in English

WELCOME TO FOREST FOLK –  the fourth Bear Festival in Ilomantsi 24.-26.8.2017!

The theme of the fourth Bear Festival is the Forest folk. The 2017 Bear Festival will feature two Bear Sculpting World Championship competitions.  On Thursday and Friday, 24 and 25 August, there will be a two-day competition and Saturday, 26 August, there will be an speed sculpting competition. The two-day competition is held at the center of Ilomantsi and speed sculpting at Katri Vala Culture Center, Katri Valantie 1. The road there is closed on Saturday, a street train is bringing people from Market place to Katri Vala and back. The Info tent across the Market place is open from 10-18 on Thursday and 9-18 on Friday, on Saturday it is the venue for Wild Food Festivals. There you can buy Festival T-shirts and get more info about the programme.

Thursday, 24.8.
11:30                Opening at the Market place
12-18                Sculptors at work, World Championship competition

14-16                The whole Finland is dancing – Bear dance at Piirola park (if raining, then Soihtulantie 7)

18-20                Speeches about Forest Folk. Researcher Eira-Maija Savonen, Timo Puustinen and R. Hirvonen & group, Luontopirtti Mesikkä, Parppeintie 4.

21–>                 Bear fires and (folk) music: Sattuma music group from Russian Karelia, Musamartat and Reetta-Mari Kellokoski playing kantele


Friday, 25.8.

9-17                  Sculptors at work, World Championship competition

17-19                Theater Traktori: Pippi Longstocking and Orchestra of Pirates, Piirola park

18–>                 Photos of Nature by Topi Ylä-Mononen, cinema Kino Mantsi, Kauppatie 9


Saturday, 26.8.

9:00                  Bear Arena is opening

10-12                Speed sculpting competition

12:15-13:00     Public voting for the best works

14:30                Awards from the both sculpting competitions at the Market place

The Bear Festival visitors will also be able to enjoy offerings from the world’s biggest Wild Food Festival on Saturday, 26 August, organized by LAG Karelian Hills LEADER. The festival’s idea is to increase the awareness of how to use different kind of products which are growing in the nature. You can buy and taste different kinds of food made from wild food (lake fish, berries, mushrooms, wild herbs etc.) from the pop-up restaurants. There´s also a competition for the wild food cooking, and the best wild foods will be selected and awarded at the festival.
10:00                Pop up -restaurants open, welcome to do some tasty shopping!

12:30                Opening speech, the Speaker of Finnish Parliament Maria Lohela

12.45 – 13:45  Jury is evaluating the portions participating the Wild food competition

14:30                Awards are given on the Market place of Ilomantsi

15:30                Pop up -restaurants closing

The Bear Festival is arranged by The Union for Rural Culture and Education, Ilomantsi municipality, LAG Karelian Hills LEADER, local businesses and associations. The Bear festival is open for everyone and its happenings are free.