Bear Festival

Evaluation criteria

In the two-day Bear Sculpting Championship 2019, prizes will be awarded to the three best sculptures upon evaluation by a judging panel:
1st prize, EUR 1,000
2nd prize, EUR 500
3rd prize, EUR 300
In addition, the audience’s favourite sculpture will receive a prize of EUR 400.

Each judge selects the five sculptures that they like best and evaluates them independently, taking into account the following:

1. Artistic merit
2. Chainsaw handling and technical execution of the sculpture
3. Use of the material given and understanding of the properties of wood (durability, tendency to crack, consideration for the shape of the wood in the visual implementation of the work)
4. Manifestation of the competition theme ‘GoBearGo’ (motion and action)
5. Good and expressive use of innovative and non-conventional solutions and subjects

On the basis of the evaluation, the works receive points from each judge with the best receiving 10 points, the second receiving 8 points, the third receiving 6 points, the fourth receiving 4 points and the fifth receiving 2 points.

The sculptures are ranked according to the total amount of points received from all judges.
If two sculptures receive the same amount of points, the sculpture with most 10 point judgments will win, and if the ranking is still equal, the one with most 8 point judgments, and so on.

The panel also has the right to award commendations at its discretion.

The panel will select representatives from among its members to explain at the award ceremony the panel’s views of the execution of the works and the competition, and the basis on which the sculptures were ranked.

The results will be announced and the prizes awarded at Ilomantsi Market Square at 15:00 on Saturday 17 August 2019.

In the speed Bear Sculpting competition, prizes will be awarded to the three best sculptures based on the audience’s vote:
1st prize, EUR 700
2nd prize, EUR 400
3rd prize, EUR 300